¡@¡@ ¡§Huang Yi Online¡¨ is another on-line game created by Chinese Gamer. It is another swordsman under the title of kung fu novel master, following by ¡§Jin Yong Online¡¨. What the game wanted to bring to players is not only the characteristic in the novel of Huang Yi: True historical incident, outside Wu Lin of confusion blame, the game want to express the exciting adventure entangled with by above-mentioned two characteristics and also space-time traveling that succeed take risks even more! But before this, first, let us introduce to everybody who Huang Yi is, who opens brand-new style and features of the kung fu novel: lead the profound unreal swordsman's master of the trend!
Become a Writer's Process
¡@¡@Huang Yi. His real name is Huang Zu Qiang who graduates from Hong Kong Chinese University artistically. He once took on the assistant manager of Hong Kong art gallery. He was resigned resolutely in 1989 and is devoted to the novel to create attentively. The early works establish in the science fiction background and crossing the space as serial novels It was similar to Ni Kuang's creation way. But from behind " Big Sword Teacher's Legend ", he combines the science fiction and swordsman's style together. He found his own way of writing at last.
¡@¡@Huang Yi said when interviewed by media why he started on writer's way of kung fu novel. He just liked reading the kung fu novel as a child and preferred fantasy. It so happened that there was a magazine that was called " swordsman's world " in Hong Kong many years ago, which published kung fu novel specially. He started to write his own characters and stories from what he had read, and write the kung fu novels of the first more than 60,000 words for his life. It was used in the magazine after he finished it and from then on, he began the career of his writing formally.

Element of The Novel of Huang Yi
¡@¡@ If you want to understand the kung fu novel of Huang Yi, you can set about from several respects. One is the writer that he likes and another one is the interest that he dabbles. The writers that Huang Yi appreciates the most are Jin Yong and Si Ma Ling, especially Si Ma Ling. He thinks that he has been still the top of the Taiwanese swordsman circle up till now, because its works intension is deep and true feelings of the human nature are often revealed in his works.Huang Yi once said that when he write Kung Fu novel, he specially focus on the spirit and the momentum of the novel that is mainly influence by Si Ma Ling. But they still have a very great difference between them and that is mainly that Huang Yi¡¦s works focus on even more being profound and fantasy.
¡@ ¡@ Huang Yi¡¦s novels often present a lot of quoting copiously from many sources, such as all-embracing content to astronomy and to geography, etc. It has a lot to do with his extensive interest. He actually likes thinking deeply very much and he has ever studied gu qin, Yoga, fortune telling, geomantic omen and building art, etc. There is the most important one and it is to like reading. He reads all kinds of books. Huang Yi actually has unconstrained styles imagine strength, and abundant knowledge. Only the person like him could create out so many fascinating novels!
Characteristic of the Novel of Huang Yi

¡@¡@Talk about the characteristic of Huang Yi¡¦s novel, the most apparent characteristic among them is the incident that he likes happening in history and turning into a background of the kung fu novel. Main reason is to let the novel be realistic. In fact if a novel has lost sense of reality, only those chivalrous persons kill all day to kill and there is no clear goal. Readers will wonder why fights and at the same time readers will lose the interest to read too. It is no matter such as short novel as " the Broken Hollow", or long novel as " Cover Rain Last Cloud ", " Seeking Qin Journey " and " Da tang Shuang Long biography ", etc. Story these times take place on Chun Qiu, the Warring states, the end of Sui era, the end of Yuan era and the beginning of Ming era separately in order. Content of Huang Yi¡¦s stories are all concerned with the historical incident. Those stories structures are very huge, not only time continues very long, personages also emerge in an endless stream, which show his creation strength very much.¡I


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