¡@ Martial Art Intro¡G
Learning Martial Art

¡@¡@Martial art in Huang Yi can be divided into external martial art and internal martial art, no matter if player wants to study external martial art or internal martial art, its way to level up is very much the same, see following information:

Martial Art Experience¡G

¡@¡@Martial art experience is the foundation of any martial art, as long as the player has enough martial art experience; he/she can study and level up martial art. The player has martial art experience at the beginning, for players to study or level up martial art basically. And the way to gain martial art experience is quite easy; every time the player kill one monster will gain items and experience at the same time he/she can also gain martial art experience. Certainly, challenge the higher-level monster will give more martial art experience.


¡@¡@If the player wants to study any martial art, at first, the player must find a corresponding martial art master NPC. For example if the player wants to study from Li Jing¡¦s ¡§Bloody Fight¡¨, he/she must find Li Jing in Yang zhou first. Secondly the player must reach the requirement of studying that martial art, so he/she could study it. As for the internal martial art, the player must meet two above-mentioned conditions; he/she also needs to choose whether to help Buddhism, Taoism or Evil Spirit. The player will need to complete one of these sects quest then he/she can join the sect after completing, and begin to study the internal law of martial art that belongs to that sect.

Level Up Martial Art¡G
¡@¡@Players can level up any martial art they have studied by using martial art experience.

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