ˇ@ˇ@The ability of life can be regarded as an indispensable economic activity in Huang Yi Online. Settlement of ability of life can be divided into gathered ability, fusion ability and special abilityˇC
Gathered Ability

ˇ@ˇ@In gathering ability, player in the level of 12, can do business with ' space-time businessman ' in Yangzhou city and buy the instrument (listed the following form), which surveys resources. It can gather various kinds of resources to use outside the city. Gather ability can use to dig the ore, gathers, farming and gathering medicinal herbs.

Fusion Ability

ˇ@ˇ@As for fusion ability part, players who completed different quests can learn various kinds of weapon and defend equipment fusion ability. Fusion ability can be used on cast swords, chain claw, spear, making rod, craft, sewing, shoemaker, textile and clever artisan (listed the following form).

Special Ability

ˇ@ˇ@In addition, there are special abilities, such as skill of engaging in trade, watching people, inlaying, etc. (listed the following chart). Players can play more smoothly in the game; if they study the neat ability of life.

Ability of Life


Name of Ability


Gathered ability

Dig ores

Utilize Nukua's symbol detector to obtain the mineral that can make the weapon after fusion and processing


Utilize women weaver's number detector to obtain the fur that can make defend equipment after fusion and processing


Utilizing the detector of brass-wind instrument of legendary god of farming to obtained eaten material and make food after fusion and processing.

Gather medicinal herbs

Utilize Hua-Tuo detector to obtain the crude drags that can make medicines after fusion and processing

Fusion Ability

Forge knife

Using fusion ability to create different knives

Cast swords

Using fusion ability to create sword weapon

Chain claw

Using fusion ability to create claw weapon


Using fusion ability to create spear weapon

Make the rod

Using fusion ability to create rod weapon


Using fusion ability to create caps


Using fusion ability to create clothes


Using fusion ability to create shoes


Using fusion ability to create cloaks

Clever artisan

Using fusion ability to create wrist band

Special Ability

Engage in trade

This ability can be practiced after being up to level of 40, will have discounts to do shopping to NPC.

Watch people

This ability can look over the player's basic information


This ability can equip inlay diamond on weapon and defend equipment.



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