¡@¡@Huang Yi Online quest system has given consideration to player's convenience of carrying out and rewarded practicability too at the same time, if the player plays Huang Yi Online, but doesn¡¦t play with Huang Yi Online quest then the player can miss too many things while playing the game!
Quest Summary
¡@¡@Huang Yi Online quest is divided into the general quest, story quest, space-time quest and emperor's roll quest. They will be explained in the following section.
General Quest
¡@¡@It is a general quest at first. Purpose of the general quest, on one hand enable player to realize and incorporate the background situation in the game, various kinds of difficult and complicated cases that N P C produces, and then players will have better understanding of the game while completing quests. Including letting players familiar with control technique, game functions, cities, towns, N P C and also new items, etc.
Story Quest
¡@¡@As its name suggests, the story quest is as the main shaft with the plot in the novel, the player will follow ' Da Tang Shuang Long '; Kou-Zhong makes a living away from home in the towns and villages all over the country secondly with Xu ZiLing together. The important plot appearing in all Da tang, Shuang Long adventure, unique martial art masters having their own characteristics and hate and love entanglement. Player will encounter with those important events in the game! In Huang Yi Online, the player occupies very important role, even may undertake to save the common people's hero all over the world!
Space-Time Quest

¡@¡@Game content is mainly on the novel of Da tang Shuang Long and Rain Over Cloud with Seek Qin Journal for complement line to spread. How is the player entering from Da tang Shuang Long background era to Rain Over Cloud era and Seek Qin Journa era? Settlement that it was the space-time quest that depended on! Making use of the space-time quest, the player can cross over the estrangement of space-time. Players will not only carry on the game following the train of thought of Da tang Shuang Long but also peep on seeing Huang Yi¡¦s other exciting novels.

¡@¡@ On the Island of Anger Dragon, the player can experience the well-known character, one of the top ten martial art masters on black list all over the world, Wave Over Cloud. How does his beloved wife passes away ruined his heart that makes him loses his will. The new and old parties are having a contest secretly inside Anger Dragon party. The North mountain city Gan Luo party and west frontier of Zun Xin party are both trying to be the control party of Chang Jiang River; How can the player help to transmit news from Zhan-Tian Ling to his best companion, Wave Over Cloud? How can the player also help the misunderstood Wave Over Cloud to escape from the Island of Anger Dragon?

¡@¡@Seamless quests are anxious to wait for player to solve them. The space-time quests have the horrible enemy in the mysterious fragrant cavern. How should the player save hostages? Various kinds of difficult problems that Xiang Shao Long meets at the Warring states era need players badly to help too!

Emperor's Roll Quest

¡@¡@Besides the quests on space-time, in order to present Huang Yi novel¡¦s group fighting atmosphere and community interaction in the novel, the game has planned emperor's roll quest and is explored by players. To put it briefly, emperor's roll quest is a special task planned to happen by organization.

¡@¡@ No matter as the naughty princess marries into Tibetan regime and follow Da Tang army go on an expedition by the emperor himself to Korea¡¦s old clan or visit peasants turned traitor of the secret base of the army in the end of Sui era. Even the mysterious admires and reaches the black natural pond, players can find everything fresh and new in Emperor's roll quest and the more important thing is emperor roll quest is based on institutional framework. Therefore, forming a party to complete Emperor¡¦s roll quest is needed!

¡@¡@After finishing emperor's roll quest, the player can obtain a lot of special awards and reputation value (can enable organizing to upgrade). After letting players set up and organize an organization, players can call comrades to form a party and do exercises and also solve the quest together too: condense the centripetal force while organizing. There are numerous parties in the novel of Huang Yi, every brave hero in different organization can strong-willed to resist the foreign aggression together. Players want to obtain the fulfillment and find the good partner with a common goal in the game then it is the way not missed to join an organization!


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