Even though we are not sure the relationship between Cui Shan village and Cui Heng village, the sunset view is so beautiful which makes everyone wants to stay much longer.
This is the great momentum of Flying Horse PastureˇIThe exciting defense war of Flying Horse Pasture will reappear in the game!
A dead wood and famine village. Often lives super powerful BOSS or has unexpected event come up so players donˇ¦t be fool by how it looksˇI
A dominant mountain village has extraordinary momentum. You can see it from the outstanding enormous decorated archway.
Donˇ¦t need to tell you what this is, itˇ¦s an arena for contests in martial arts!
Look at the situation then you will know where I am. This is a battlefield of capture a cityˇI
If you have read the novel then you will know where this is. Itˇ¦s the house of ˇ§Huge Dragon Headˇ¨ Di Rangˇ¦s house.
Who dare to call it a ˇ§Emperor Cityˇ¨. Only the Lee family who takes possession of Zhang An cityˇI

People often think a mounted soldier ˇK
What a ˇ§Cherry Blow Snowˇ¨ˇIˇK
Who dare to call it aˇK
This is the great momentum ˇK