This week we will bring everyone some screenshots of the exciting battle scene from Huang Yi Online! First, what do you think if every female guardian of Buddhism doesn¡¦t have much cloth on then players would probably get over excited to death before they get kill by monsters~~
People often think a mounted soldier is more powerful than a infantry. It is not necessarily so, if the mounted solider gets attack from underneath and once the solider fall from the horse, he can¡¦t do nothing but hit by others~~!
The only way to deal with dogs that attack is to hit them till they bark sorrowfully¡I
The huge and gorgeous BOSS who is riding a horse and the enemy troops are coming from behind, players have no where to go but fight for their freedom!
The last day of ¢Ñ¢Ğ¢°has hold a special event for 4 leaders of Zhu Hua gang, the posture of Zhu Hua gang head leader is astonishing~ If everyone who join the fight doesn¡¦t use their most powerful martial art moves, they might have died¡I
What a ¡§Cherry Blow Snow¡¨¡IThis martial art move shows that it would be very easy to destroy a troop if you kill its captain first¡I
A craven reporter can only take photograph with Zhu Hua gang¡¦s cadre member. This is the head leader of Zhu Hua gang.
He is one of Zhu Hua gang leaders and his heroic bearing on riding a tiger makes everyone wants to ride on it¡I

People often think a mounted soldier ¡K
What a ¡§Cherry Blow Snow¡¨¡I¡K
Who dare to call it a¡K
This is the great momentum ¡K